ENTIRELY AUTOMATED FUTURE. SKF is currently the only industry player to assemble spherical ball bearings entirely machine-operated, automated and without human hands. This was a key point in Alrik Danielson’s view of SKF's future. "It's good for the environment, good for people and superior to ergonomics," he summed up during a previous Siemens event in Stockholm. The "world-class manufacturing concept" in this context is simply a necessity to remain at the top of the market. Danielson described what this looks like in the company’s Gothenburg factory, where the automation has been driven very far. Engineering.com's Verdi Ogewell listened to Danielson’s story of how this global ball bearing giant is advancing, during Siemens' CLM conference in Stockholm. What Danielson had to say puts last week's termination notice to 300 employees in Sweden into an interesting perspective.


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